Last Dream On Earth

The Project
Last Dream (On Earth)

A traveler stands on a beach in North Africa, with a group of friends.
Tonight, they will try it. Tonight they are getting ready, for a journey to change their lives.

Here, we will never know their names.

Decades earlier, a young man is strapped into a tiny sphere.
He is ready for his mission: to become the first Human Being in Outer Space.

His name will soon be known: his name is Yuri Gagarin.

As if out of nowhere, a musical dialogue starts. Words are spoken, the story of the trip of a lifetime emerges. It is a story of hope, dreams and beauty - and of sheer inhumanity.

Audiences will experience Last Dream (On Earth) on headphones, as it's immersive and evocative world of memories, sounds and music is created and performed live in front of them.